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Making Online Math Accessible.

Lake Pines Braille offers a wide range of web application and software development consulting in support of web accessibility, interactive accessible math, and Braille instruction and training.

Online Interactive Math

The Accessible Equation Editor represents a substantial leap forward in providing accessible interactive mathematical experiences on the web. It has been used for educational and instructional applications, including K-12 high-stakes assessment requiring automatic scoring of free-form mathematical responses. Our consultants have extensive experience developing custom web applications for interactcive math, having participated in research and commercial online software projects for math instruction since the early 1990s.

Online Braille Instruction

The Accessible Equation Editor provides an entirely new way to approach instructional materials for Braille. For those who have access to refreshable Braille devices, online resources for teaching Braille can go beyond static print and video formats to include interactive exercises to reinforce learning objectives with hands-on use of tactile reading and writing skills.

Web Standards Conformance

Our consultants at Lake Pines Braille have been involved with Web Standards since the mid 1990s, from the earliest days of the web. Sam Dooley has represented IBM Research on the HTML Working Group, and both IBM Research and NCS Pearson on the Math Working Group. More recently, he has participated as an invited expert on the Math Working Group, having implemented both Presentation and Content MathML software as part of the Accessible Equation Editor.

Accessibility Standards Compliance

In addition to having participated directly in Web Standards development, our consultants are familiar with all of the standards that impact the accessible use of software in an increasingly online world. Whether the standards involve HTML, XML, DOM, CSS, and JavaScript that define the online platform, or WCAG, ATAG, WAI-ARIA, AAM and AOM standards that define expectations for accessible software behavior, we are able to understand and leverage these standards to create compliant online experiences anyone can use.

Accessible Software Development

The software developers at Lake Pines Braille have extensive experience with a broad range of programming languages, development environments and methods, and both client-side and server-side application design and testing.

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