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Making Online Math Accessible.

Lake Pines Braille creates Math, Online, in Braille.

Braille math online is hard. At Lake Pines Braille, we make it easier. We provide software to use math online and in Braille from anywhere.

Our math software uses braille for reading, writing, and yes, arithmetic. And algebra, and trigonometry, and calculus, and so much more.

Lake Pines Braille is here to make braille math easy, accessible, and available online.

Try the Accessible Equation Editor, and see math in a new way.

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Accessible Equation Editor (AEE) Web Application

Braille Input and Output for Math Documents.

The Accessible Equation Editor (AEE) is a Web Application for Braille Text and Math documents. When you open the app, it pulls the focus to the input area where you may enter text and math.

How to use the Accessible Equation Editor

Check out the quickstart Welcome Page for how to choose Braille input mode (the default), QWERTY input mode, or Six-Key input mode.

For more detailed instructions, see the Users Guide where you will find keyboard input modes, the application menu items, screen reader configuration information, and much more!

Try the AEE

The AEE is provided free of charge for personal use. For details, please see the Terms of Service.

AEE for Educators and Students

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The AEE provides an interactive dimension for educational math resources and online Braille instruction. Contact Us to find out how the AEE can help instructors and students see Online Braille Math in a new way.

Accessibility Consulting Services

We offer professional accessibility consultation services.

Almost everyone needs help with math at some point. Especially with projects intended to provide online math in an accessible way.

The AEE is designed to be embedded in web applications in a wide range of environments. We have been involved in web standards and applications for math since the inception of MathML, the W3C language for communicating math on the web.

The AEE is committed to enhancing online math accessibility. It represents the first software application that simultaneously translates between online printed math notation and Nemeth Braille, the standard for communicating math to blind and visually impaired readers that has been used for over fifty years.

The latest version of the AEE fully supports contracted Unified English Braille (UEB) for literary material within a web application that allows users to create documents that include literary text with embedded math formulas.

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